Zgpax S9 will get the frameless screen

It seems that Elephone is going to surprise fans with a new phone. The company creates a device that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9. Talking about model Elephone S9 under development.

There is reliable information about the display Elephone S9. The latter is 89.9% of the area of the front panel. This is a great indicator that reduces the scope to a minimum. Aspect ratio equal to 18:9. In addition, the screen is curved on the sides and pleases a matrix AMOLED.

Other information about Zgpax S9 is not enough. Some sources attribute the gadget logo with led backlight. The element is located on the back, signaling for incoming calls and other events.

As expected, the Android operating system 8.0 and Oreo Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 660. The chip is equipped with 8 cores with a frequency up to 2.2 GHz. Complement the configuration of a dual primary camera, Adreno graphics and 512 4G LTE modem. Else will know after the announcement of Elephone S9.