Yeelight Voice Assistant — new smart column from Xiaomi

One of the brands Xiaomi — Yeelight has unveiled an interesting novelty. Talking about column Yeelight smart Voice Assistant, Amazon Echo reminiscent of the Dot. The gadget has decent features and low price. Ask for a product of about 30 American dollars.

A key feature of the device is the presence of a voice assistant. Assistant created on the basis of Cortana from Microsoft. In addition, Yeelight happy Voice Assistant technical “stuffing.” The device is equipped with a speaker power of 2 watts and 6 speakers. Supported function to suppress acoustic echo.

Yeelight activate Voice Assistant of 5 meters. Also, the device is equipped with 4-nuclear processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. Complement the configuration of 256 MB of RAM, Bluetooth Low Energy, flash module 256 MB and dual-band Wi-Fi.

In addition, Yeelight Voice Assistant manages other devices Xiaomi. For example, designer bedside lamps. The release will be on 31 January next year.