Xiaomi smart devices are taking over the world

The case of Xiaomi is going well. It is reported that the company has found success even beyond the smartphone market. Products manufacturer for smart home diverge at high speed. According to the official report, the Chinese giant sold over 10 million devices IoT (Internet of things).

Xiaomi took up similar gadgets 3 years ago. The announcement of the record took place at Christmas. Part of the glory belongs to the platform Xiaomi MIJIA offering relevant news.

What IoT devices Xiaomi attract audiences? The Mi vacuum cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner, column Speaker Mi Smart, Mi thermometer Home Thermometer and many others (including security). Recently on sale there is a powerful air purifier Mi Air Purifier Max.

Alas, some products can only be bought in China. However, the most popular available everywhere — thanks to the partnership of online shopping. Xiaomi is also actively implementing IoT in India.