Xiaomi is challenging Apple in the US

Smartphones Apple and Samsung are leaders in the United States. However, soon they will be a dangerous competitor. The struggle for American market is going to join the company Xiaomi. It is said to happen within 2 years.

It is absolutely official information. The plan was voiced by Wang Xian, Executive Director of Xiaomi. The flagship of the Chinese manufacturer will be released in the U.S. in 2 years. The time required to negotiate with local mobile operators (like AT&T and Verizon).

In addition, Xiaomi will build a chain of retail stores. Across the country there’s a point that sells branded fitness trackers, thermostats and vacuum cleaners. Such a move will help strengthen the brand.

Xiaomi have something to offer to the public. For example, recently lit up renders of the Xiaomi Mi 7. The model is credited with the screen occupying the entire area of the body. The frame around the 5.6-inch display is very thin. Also, the device is equipped with Snapdragon 845 with a phenomenal performance.