Xiaomi introduced the dishwasher

Arsenal Chinese Xiaomi has added. The company announced an unusual device — Yunmi Smart Dishwasher. This dishwasher with wash pump from Italian Weike. The latter provides the cleaning water jets under high pressure (15 kPa).

Yunmi Smart Dishwasher uses special technology to spray. Ensure no “dead zones” inside the machine. The water is heated to 70 degrees Celsius — to remove fat and sterilize.

Drying takes place with hot air — the Japanese system. Claimed to support multiple modes of cleaning. The shortest program takes 30 minutes. To control Yunmi Smart Dishwasher is a mobile app.

As for the price, Smart Dishwasher Yunmi asking for 1 999 yuan (about 315 U.S. dollars). Unfortunately, the first batch is already sold out. Soon the novelty will again go on sale, but for 2 499 yuan ($394).