Xiaomi has released a mask to protect against smog

On a crowdfunding platform Xiaomi sometimes there are useful things. It is reported about the release of the new product mask Chi Light. The product looks stylish and protects from smog.

Chi Light — a real godsend for the residents of industrial cities. In addition, the cost doesn’t scare. The price is 39 yuan (about 6 us dollars). With regard to efficiency, the claimed compliance KN95. Particles PM 2.5 can not be afraid.

The developers claim that the Chi is Light to cope with dust, car exhaust fumes and other factors. Novelty always remains dry — due to improved breathing valve. Also, the accessory takes the form of a user’s face for better comfort of wearing.

Based on Chi Light — materials that do not cause irritation. In addition, there is a convenient mount. 3-position ear hook does not prevent to wear glasses. It’s a great alternative to Purely respirator Xiaomi, released last spring.