Xiaomi has introduced disposable e-cigarette

Crowdfunding platform Mijia Xiaomi continues to amaze. At the site announced an unusual new product — electronic cigarette A&D e-cigarette. Ask the device about 30 American dollars. Solution disposable, but provides up to 500 steam sessions.

The possibility of leakage is excluded. Gadget pleases sealed metal housing. Diameter A&D e-cigarette is 1 cm, length 12 cm There is a led that lights up when you puff. Suction power is automatically adjusted.

A choice of four flavors — vanilla, Apple, grapefruit and mint. The developers have tried to reduce the risk to health. A&D e-cigarette provides the user with coenzyme Q10, collagen, beneficial trace elements, and vitamins B12, E, B6, A and C. Calories do not exist.

However, A&D the e-cigarette is not a safe way to quit Smoking. Future owners should exercise caution. If you believe the world health organization, the efficacy of such products has not been proven.