Xiaomi earphone HelloEar Arc now available

Xiaomi introduced HelloEar Arc back in the summer. The announcement of the headphone held on the crowdfunding platform of the company. Alas, until recently they have not been sold. Now the situation has changed for the better. The accessory can be purchased for 399 yuan (about 60 U.S. dollars).

The product looks good and takes into account the anatomical structure of the ear. Each instance is tailored to the user. It is said ensures that HelloEar Arc will not fall out. Ear to the word, made of medical silicone material.

The connection to the phone is done in 2 ways – via Bluetooth and using 1.2-meter cable. In the latter case, activated 3.5 mm Weight HelloEar Arc is 12 grams.

With regard to characteristics, sensitivity HelloEar Arc equal to 106.5 dB. The range varies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It also reported capacity of 3 mW. The orders for the new product accepted on the official website of Xiaomi.