Xiaomi does not want to release Redmi Note 5

Many are accustomed to that after the release of Redmi Redmi Note comes out. The latter is an enlarged version of the original. Alas, Xiaomi has decided to abandon this tradition. This year Redmi 5 without cost Note.

Wait for Redmi Note 5 is not worth it. However, Xiaomi has a good reason. Such novelty makes no sense. Xiaomi has announced Redmi Redmi note with 5 5 Plus. The device offers a 6-inch screen, beyond the standard model.

The characteristics of Redmi Plus 5 coincides with the Redmi Note 5. In the market place two identical devices. Therefore, Xiaomi has left only a modification of Plus. It is the logical choice.

Redmi 5 Plus has a Snapdragon 625, fingerprint scanner and 4 GB of RAM (the maximum configuration). There is also a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, rear camera of 12 MP and MIUI 9 as the OS.