Xiaomi and OPPO making an analogue Face ID

Apple surprised many by presenting iPhone X. the Unit has lost the fingerprint scanner Touch ID, receiving 3D face recognition. This method of identification has gained millions of fans, inspiring competitors to develop analog Face ID.

According to sources, Xiaomi and OPPO have teamed up to create alternatives to Face ID. Basis technology has become the touch module Reliance Optoelectronics. In addition, the project involves experts from Qualcomm and Wonder Vision.

A long wait for an announcement is not necessary. Serial production solutions launched in the spring of 2018. For the experiment, the new flagship of Xiaomi and OPPO. Alas, no other information.

Also interested in the topic of Huawei. Reportedly, the Chinese giant concluded an agreement with Sunny Optical Technologies. The goal of the Union – output front-facing 3D cameras for phones premium.