Wow: Apple removes iOS 11.2 Pay Cash permanently

We already wrote about the payment system Apple Pay Cash. The latter allows you to send and receive money via iMessage. Start “feature” after the update of iOS 11.2. The service is great, but without errors has not managed.

It is reported that the removal of Apple Pay Cash causes problems. To return the service on iOS 11.2 can not. Function disappears from iMessage forever. Helps only a complete reinstallation of the OS.

Said confirmed in the technical support of the company. Unfortunately, there is no solution. You can only request a cash transfer from Siri. However, this standard method is difficult to call. Will have to wait for the next update.

If you’re lucky, Apple Pay Cash are allowed to add back in iOS 11.3. In the meantime, better not to wash the new iPhone. It might be useful. In iOS 11 a number of drawbacks. Another “Apple” platform to anything.