What are the top smartphones we expect in 2018

All companies have already introduced their flagship smartphones. And now began to appear different rumors and leaks about the most interesting smartphones in 2018. Clearly, all top innovations will receive the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845. This year all the main news came with a Snapdragon 835 and all very interested to know if I can repeat the new chipset, the success of its predecessor. Also it will be interesting to see what will Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium (2018)

Sony strongly promoted its flagship Xperia XZ 2017 Premium with an incredible screen resolution of 4K. This is the first such smartphone in the market. It is clear that this is partly a marketing ploy, and a large emphasis on virtual reality. Most users can’t distinguish even Full HD from QHD. And despite the fact that the smartphone did not have any other features, but some enthusiasts like this are the chips as, for example, the display on the Xperia XZ Premium.

As for the new model, it likely will be released in early 2018. According to some rumors, Sony will radically change the design of all its future models. Most likely, the flagship will be frameless, and of course, top-end Qualcomm processor.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix

The popularity of the Chinese company Xiaomi is slowly but steadily growing outside of Asia. And she thinks about the sales of its smartphones in the U.S. market. The smartphone Mi Mix is a premium and something similar to the Xperia XZ Premium. The first generation Mi Mix became the world’s first mass edge-to-edge smartphone. In the second generation Mi Mix 2 was modified bugs. It is too early to talk about what will change in Mix Mi 3. But just to say that the novelty will receive a new processor and most likely an improved camera.

Nokia 9

Company HMD Global in 2017 back to life the Nokia brand. She also presented a large number of phones. But, unfortunately, no novelty is never surprised. Therefore, in the coming year the company will have to try and give our best. Nokia has always focused on photo and video capabilities of smartphones, so expect that Nokia will get a good 9 camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

Huawei P11/Mate 11

Huawei is ranked third in the world in number of sold smartphones. She has a lot of interesting and cool devices. But the most famous line is P and Mate. Usually the P-series comes out in the spring and Mate in autumn. This year Huawei Huawei Mate P10 and 10 are really great devices. In 2018, the company definitely will put emphasis on the camera, improved processors, as well as the development of new possibilities of artificial intelligence in their top-end smartphones.

Moto Z3 Force

After Lenovo acquired Motorola, it immediately expanded its line of smartphones. Now in each price category there are certain models Moto. Like the current Moto Force Z2, the flagship of the next year will continue the trend of modular smartphones and will get your brand high-impact screen “ShatterShield”. Perhaps a future Moto Z3 Force will also gain a frameless display.

Essential Phone 2

The founder of the operating system Android Andy Rubin has created his own company, which this year showed their vision of smartphones. Essential Phone appeared to be a peculiar phone. It was a top iron, premium materials, bermocoll, but a very bad camera and high value. Many have criticized the device for this, but for the last two months the smartphone fell in price. Now it can be purchased for $450-$500. As for the next generation, I hope it will correct all the flaws of its predecessor.

HTC U12/U12 Plus

The company HTC is very bad. Part of their business bought by Google. But, despite this, HTC still makes great phones. This year we saw just great HTC U11 and U11 Plus. It is, at the moment, the most balanced flagship. They are not any problems as in the same Google Pixel 2 or iPhone X. HTC in early 2018, and, in the spring, should show the next flagship U12. Apparently, the novelty will receive the improvements in the HTC Sense shell and frameless display.

LG G7/V40

LG have released excellent phones this year: LG V30 LG G6. The PSU was decent, but not without its drawbacks. Next year, LG is likely to show the updates of these smartphones. LG G7 must show in the spring, while LG V40 — fall. Do not expect any global changes, but we hope that new items will get rid of the shortcomings of its predecessors — not the best camera and a strange shell.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus, the company this year was 4 years old. Yes, now it cannot be called a newcomer in the world of smartphone. This year we saw some excellent smartphones OnePlus OnePlus 5 and 5T, which pleased all his fans with top performance and great price. In 2018 will be only one model — OnePlus 6. Expect an updated shell Oxygen OS, as well as hope that the company is harder to work on the new camera.

Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Series phones Pixel from Google quickly won the hearts of fans of pure Android and Nexus devices. Smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL turned out great, but they had serious disadvantages. In the next generation Pixel 3 and 3 XL manufacturer needs to correct the color reproduction of the screen. In all other respects, Google will continue to impress us with success in the development of artificial intelligence and computer learning.

New items will receive fresh iron, and some improvements in performance and autonomy. Both phones should show in the autumn of 2018. The main issue is price, and also whether the new product sold outside the United States.

Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 9

Samsung smartphones this year, all very pleased, but still they were not perfect. In 2018 it is expected that the company will present the Galaxy S9 and his older brother S9 Plus in the spring, and Galaxy Note 9 in the fall. According to rumors, the company will either transfer the fingerprint scanner to a more convenient place, or even embed it to the screen. I would also like to see an improved performance and optimization of the system, since the current flagships of the company and sometimes impeded.

Apple iPhone Xs, 8s and 8s Plus

This year Apple revealed the iPhone X for $1000 with the screen from edge to edge and the new Face ID technology. In 2018 should show the second-generation iPhone — call it iPhone Xs. He likely will have the same dimensions, but will improve the camera, autonomy and performance. Innovation, as always, will be presented in the fall.

As for the 8s and 8s Plus, it is not known whether there will be data models in General. If so, will this new edge-to-edge display without fingerprint scanner or the design of the smartphone will not change? In General, it’s still up to us to find out in 2018.