What Android wants to hide from the users?

The current version of the Android OS, as some of you know, apprised of the strength of network signal. Information is in the status menu of the SIM card. While access numbers is open, but that will soon change.

A hint appeared in the source code of the platform — Android Open Source Project. The mobile OS will allow operators to hide the appropriate option. Google has made adjustments itself is not. The Corporation has fulfilled the requirements of major market players.

Function is activated by inserting SIM, starting with Android P. a Value of “signal Strength” will no longer appear in the system preferences. The reasons for such innovations can only guess. However, there is a small loophole to bypass restrictions.

Changes did not affect the API that calls the required details. Set in safe and sound. Any developer can embed the indicator in your application. Now in the Google Play dozens of such programs.