Top 9 things that I love in MIUI 9

This article sent to us by a reader Alexey Solodov, the owner of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi6. In this post he explains why he likes MIUI 9 leads nine main reasons to love this firmware. Galagram publishes an article on your court.

Responsive and fast UI

Company Xiaomi calls MIUI 9 “lightning” and it is not a marketing ploy. On my Xiaomi Mi6 system is really just flies. The company officially said about improving the planning system flows and intelligent acceleration of launching applications. It’s a mouthful, but for the average user it means that the operating system will run fast on almost any hardware ranging from budget to flagship Redmi 4X Mi6.

I noticed that apps with the arrival of MIUI 9 began to open almost immediately after clicking the icon. And a few intensive tasks were performed simultaneously without any brakes. To test this, I played intensive games (Asphalt Extreme) and also downloaded a few episodes of 1 GB each. Yes, the smartphone slightly heated but MIUI did not give the slightest hint on brakes.

In MIUI 9, you can split the screen

Very pleased with the new multitasking in MIUI 9. You expect to simultaneously work with multiple applications? Just hit the button “split screen” on the main screen and drag as many apps as your heart’s desire. And of course switch between them in a convenient way. Let my Mi6 officially yet Android Oreo, but I don’t need one with this multiconnect.

Set the working screen easy

From moving applications to new sidebar widgets – now home screen has become more intuitive. In MIUI 8 all it was unusual to open the settings screen, that would deal with widgets and other settings. In “the nine” United settings look much better.

The application for security was better

In application “Safety” (Security) there are new opportunities. Now there are settings such as Second Space, App Lock and Boost Speed. Can’t say that I have missed in MIUI 8, but still, it’s nice to see the new features in this firmware version.

UI animations

Be sure to install MIUI 9 and you will see new animations while opening or closing apps. In addition, they look cool, they make the interface more “human” and intuitive. By the way, Oreo is also in Android there is a new animation of the icons, so Xiaomi is moving in the right direction.

Grouping notifications

Regardless of the type of notifications you receive, and the cover quickly gets cluttered with their regular smartphone. There are two reasons: space in the area is limited and similar notifications is very much. What’s up with the guys from Xiaomi: MIUI 9 now groups notifications. Therefore, your curtain will become more orderly and understandable.

SMS without the need to open the app

With the arrival of MIUI 9, you no longer need to open the app messaging, to write a response to an incoming SMS. Swipe down from the notification with two fingers to send a quick response. The chip is not new, it has long been present in some Android smartphones, but its nice to see MIUI 9.

Switch to silent mode with one click

Once upon a time, I had my iPhone 5S have had awesome convenient switch audio modes in the form of a toggle switch on the housing. Something similar I found in MIUI 9! Just click on the volume key and you will find a new toggle switch to mute the phone. Quick and easy, like!

A new method of image search

It is significant that MIUI 9 pays special attention to the intelligent chip system. In this firmware you can search for images according to some parameters, which greatly simplifies the search for the desired photos. Before such was not, now, even the old picture can be found in a couple of clicks on the screen.

Instead of conclusions: MIUI 9 is one of the best third-party add-ons on Android. A must try and you will not regret it. At least I do not regret my switch from iPhone and iOS to Xiaomi and MIUI 9, struck me as simple as possible.

This article was sent to us by our reader Alex Solodov. Friends, if you have a desire to talk about some device, or on your experience, you can send your articles to us at The best ones will be published on the website.