ThinQ Speaker — an excellent column from LG

Smart speaker in the market is becoming more. They even slow down sales of wearable devices, according to statistics. LG decided not to give promising segment competitors. It is reported that the company introduced the LG ThinQ column Speaker.

LG ThinQ Speaker is enclosed in a cylindrical housing and is a premium model. The capabilities of the device takes place between the Google Home and Google Home Max. The device is equipped with a voice assistant Google Assistant.

For the quality of reproduction meets technology Meridian Audio. In addition, LG ThinQ Speaker manages other household appliances by LG. Other specifications, unfortunately, are hidden. Details LG to reveal at the January Consumer Electronics Show in 2018.

In addition, LG will show Soundbar SK10Y. The latter is equipped with several loudspeakers placed arbitrarily. Declared support for 5.1.2-channel sound and Dolby Atmos. Capacity of the product is equal to 550 watts.