The new iPhone will get 5G modem from Intel

The relationship between Apple and Qualcomm strained to the limit. Blame the protracted legal controversy. Said forcing the Apple Corporation to abandon components of an opponent. For Cupertino it is time to look for another supplier.

Apple took a step in the right direction. Likely, new iPhone would lose cell modem from Qualcomm. It will replace the analogue, being developed in Intel. The solution is called the Intel XMM 8060 and supports 5G.

Alas, the market module will appear soon. The first devices with Intel’s XMM 8060 will be released in a few years. Deployment of networks 5 generation will start only in 2020. Connoisseurs of high-speed Internet will have to wait.

Intel XMM 8060 will be part of the SoC from Apple. This will increase the download speed from 10 to 100 times (with respect to 4G). Intel, the project involves thousands of professionals. Unfortunately, the rest of the details are hidden.