The list of phones that will receive the Snapdragon 845

Recently, the announcement of the Snapdragon processor 845. The chip will replace the Snapdragon 835 and will become the “heart” of the flagship smartphones next year. Which devices will receive the new SoC? In the network leaked image from the device list.

If you believe the snapshot, in February, will appear Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9+. Also during this month will show LG G7 and G7+. The next device on the basis Snapdragon processor 845 is the Xiaomi Mi 7. The gadget will present in April 2018.

HTC U12 will be presented in may. Separately, a June filled with presentations 6 OnePlus, ZTE Nubia Z18 and Sony Xperia Pro XZ-10 A. long-Awaited Nokia will come in August.

September is reserved for familiarity with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, V40 LG and Xiaomi Mi 3 MIX. In October, the real obstruction is Google Pixel 3, Pixel XL, ZTE Nubia Z18S, XZ2, Sony Xperia and HTC U12+. In November and December will be released 2019 Z Moto and OnePlus 6T, respectively. Samsung W2019 will debut with the OnePlus 6T.