The existence of Meizu has officially confirmed mBlu

There are many hints that Meizu wants to transform the brand Blue Charm. The new name will be mBlu. Recently the web lit up headphones mBlu, converted the branch site and logo.

However, this is only circumstantial evidence. There is more convincing evidence of what is happening. The Ministry of industry and information technology of China has registered the domain Happened said 28 November.

The application was filed, Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co (full name of Meizu). Soon, the Blue Charm will sink into Oblivion. If you believe the rumors, the announcement mBlu may take place on 18 December. Mark will serve as models of middle and budgetary class, as well as accessories (like headset mentioned).

Along with the manufacturer has got the and The address information for 2 other departments. Meizu will launch flagship devices. Flyme will continue to develop proprietary shell Flyme OS.