Take a look at translucent earphone Meizu Blue Charm

Information about the new headphones Blue Charm has already appeared in the network. New lit up with the mBlu marking on the housing. So Meizu wants to rename the division Blue Charm. Confirms a lot of leaks.

Reports on the publication of several photos of the headset. If you believe the pictures, the device will get a translucent design. Unfortunately, the inscription mBlu is not visible due to low quality images. Product and wire are silver color.

Other reliable information. Release date hidden. It remains to be patient and wait for the official announcement. As for the Blue Charm brand will become more independent. It will happen in the course of the reorganization Meizu.

Now Meizu will release only flagship phones. Blue Charm will simpler devices. Talking about the models of middle and budgetary class, and various accessories. The same freedom will provide the team with Flyme, developing a shell Flyme OS.