Take a look at the great chandelier with Xiaomi Mijia

Brand Yeelight familiar to many fans of Xiaomi. The company actively promoted on the platform of Xiaomi Mijia. Specialisation developers — lighting for the home. Famous brand devices like the Xiaomi Yeelight light. Last run from the phone.

Now Yeelight offers chandelier Chandelier Moonlight. The product has a minimalist design and is suitable for any room. The novelty is enclosed in a metal housing with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Rust is not terrible — thanks to a special coating.

Support E27 eliminates compatibility issues. Moonlight Chandelier suitable for fluorescent, led and conventional incandescent bulbs. At the top of the ceiling there is a hole — avoid overheating.

Moonlight Chandelier price is 349 yuan (about 53 us dollars). Alas, Yeelight hides the date of start of sales. Users will have to be patient.