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Friends! The site Galagram there was a channel in the messenger Telegram. So if you like our content and you are using a Telegram, be sure to subscribe, here is the link –

We will use this channel as the sending of the most interesting news of the day, discounts, latest news and announcements, as well as the lowest prices in the Chinese stores on your favorite gadgets. We promise not to spam 100 times a day, and to send you only interesting and useful links (in 90% of cases without push notifications).

Hope you will be even easier to read our content in the Telegram channel. Of course, our website and so is very fast (loading about 1.5-3 seconds), but the Telegram still a little faster, and well caches to read the text offline. Can you tell us in the comments whether you are using Telegram and how long ago was this messenger. And be sure to subscribe to our channel!

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