Smart column, “steal” sales from wearable gadgets

It seems that wearable electronics are everywhere. Produced dozens of smart watches, bracelets and other devices. However, the real situation is different. The relevant market is not in the best condition. This is evidenced by the report of analysts of eMarketer.

According to the above-mentioned gadgets are sold no matter. In 2018, only 20% of American adults plan to use such accessories. It says clearly from a recent survey. The proportion of smartphone owners is much higher — 77%.

What is the cause of the situation? Representatives of eMarketer believe that the blame clever dynamics. They are cheaper timepieces, trackers and other products. Given the holidays — column more beneficial gift.

Such devices have their problems. For example, the model Google Home Max is faced with an unpleasant glitch. The AUX port started to function with the error. The music is transmitted with a delay that is bad for professional DJs. There is no solution, the owners are waiting for the updates.