Smart column Google Home Max upset DJs

Google gadgets continue to generate problems. In recent months there have been many complaints on Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and column Home Mini. It seemed that a top Google Home Max trouble spared. Alas, the speaker was imperfect.

Experiments have shown that Google Home Max does not work well with the AUX output. Line port used to connect CD players and other audio sources. Everything has to happen instantly, but the music is played with a delay. The pause is small — only a fraction of a second — but it’s there.

It is written is not critical for most users. However, for professional DJs not suitable. Any delay breaks the rhythm, spoiling the composition. Not a good advertisement for the device.

However, Google knows about the error. Probably AUX will be fixed in the next update. The owners of Google Home Max should be patient and wait for the update.