Scandal: Apple Face ID does not distinguish between Chinese

Interesting news from China. As it turned out — local users have accused Apple of being racist. No more, no less. It happened because of facial recognition Face ID built into the iPhone X.

It seems that the Face ID not distinguish residents of the PRC. For the system of one Chinese similar to the other. Said confirmed several incidents. The first occurred with a family from Shanghai. Son unlocked iPhone X belonging to the mother, just looking at the gadget.

The second incident happened with the woman and her colleague. The latter was identified as the owner of another iPhone X. Appeal in the Apple Store didn’t help. Girlfriend witnesses bypassed the protection of all phones available in the store.

Not the best is the safety of the flagship. What is the reason of such behavior Face ID? Rather, racism is not to blame. To blame a technical error. Victims are recommended to wait for the nearest update. The update will fix it.