Review of Xiaomi Mi kettle Electric Kettle

The company Xiaomi just a huge range of products. And today we’ll talk in this review about electric kettle sub-brand of the company — Mijia. This is not the first product model of this type, although it is still popular. And the new Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle can repeat the success of its predecessor, thanks to enhanced design and new features. Compared to the previous model, this kettle has a smartphone app and heat-insulating coating inside.

Design and features Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle

As for the appearance, Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle is designed in a minimalist design. It is made of 304 stainless steel. The whole construction is solid. Thanks to store water it is very convenient. The width of the neck of the kettle is 130 mm, and the lid can be opened to 75 degrees. Because of this, wash the kettle is very simple. The easy solution is that when you press the stop button, the lid opens automatically at a 30 degree angle.

As mentioned above, the kettle is entirely made of stainless steel. Inside also has a hollow insulating layer. Thus, even if the kettle is boiling point of water at 100 degrees, the external part is just a little warm. This model uses the British STRIX thermostat for precise temperature control. So the kettle can be boiled 10,000 times.

Price and where to buy

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle costs about $50, which, in principle, not very expensive, compared to competitors. To buy this model in the Chinese online store GearBest.

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