Review of Xiaomi Mi Home electric shaver USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Chinese industrial giant Xiaomi recently demonstrated a very unusual and interesting product – the Xiaomi Mi Home shaver USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver. The razor has a small size, metal case and Japanese steel blades.

The design of the razor

Case Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver is made from high quality Japanese steel which is very durable (60HRC) and durable. This unique geometric construction called Voronoi, thanks to which touch during the shave is very smooth. Special motor provides 7200 rpm and has a noise level not exceeding 65 dB.

Features electric shaver Xiaomi

Because of its compact size (5.50×1.32×9.20 cm) and weighing 100 grams, it is very convenient to take along on various trips. Shaver also fits in your jeans pocket, because its size is smaller than most smartphones on the market. Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver has a USB Type-C. the Shaver can be charged from a compact portable charger. The built in battery provides 30 days of operation, when using the razor for 3 minutes a day.

Price and where to buy

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver can be purchased on the Chinese site Gearbest at a good price of $43. Depending on your location and conditions of delivery, this product is available for purchase with free shipping.

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