Review of Mi flashlight Portable Flashlight from Xiaomi

One of the newest products released into the market by Xiaomi company, is a portable led flashlight that has a cute design and high quality LEDs. Mi Portable Flashlight is made in the form of an oblong cylinder and it only costs about $ 20. What else offers this gadget, except for the flashlight mode? Hint: it has a battery capacity of 3350 mAh, the rest of the details read our review below.


The first thing that surprises in this device is its small size, key dimensions of the lantern are 120.2×25.5×25.5 mm. These dimensions will allow you to store this small product everywhere anywhere: in a backpack, in a pocket or bag. Despite the compact size of this little flashlight, it features high quality LEDs that can reach a maximum power of 3 watt and 240 lumens.

Portable led flashlight from Xiaomi comes with a battery capacity of 3350 mAh. From a single battery charge it can work for 12 hours on average brightness and 3.5 hours at maximum brightness level. The way to change the brightness from minimum to maximum is very simple.

You just need to turn the grey ring at the base of the flashlight and the brightness level will change in the big or smaller party (left – plus / right – minus). This flashlight has 11 different levels of brightness and has an SOS mode that can be turned on simply by pressing three times the button below. The SOS signal will be visible at a distance of many meters.


One of the best and most important functions of this flashlight is that it can work as a power source for your smartphone or tablet. With the USB port at the bottom, you can charge your smartphone, action camera and many other gadgets. The maximum voltage and current, which gives the lamp is 5V/1A. So the gadget also serves as a source of bright light and an external battery.


Now the novelty is sold in a few Chinese shops, its estimated cost is $ 20. Since the product was presented recently, it is not yet in all stores, but will be soon.

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Summing itoriginalBrightnessPossibleAutonomyPricePersonal vpechatleniem Portable Flashlight is a simple and functional portable flashlight. It can not only Shine a bright light, but also to charge your smartphone or tablet from its own battery. For $ 20 it’s a great buy which will be useful for travelers and fans of high-quality accessories.5Evaluation Galagram