Red Zgpax S8 hit the market in the coming days

Zgpax S8 — great phone, not lost on the background of Samsung Galaxy S8. Camera pleasing edge-to-edge screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Unfortunately, the product came only in 2 colors — blue and black. The developers decided to fix it.

It is reported about the release of a red version of the device. The model is called Elephone S8 Red Limited Edition and looks like a jewel. However, it should hurry with the purchase. This limited edition device is not enough at all. This modification is difficult to produce.

Features Elephone S8 Red Limited Edition is identical to the usual Elephone S8. The gadget is equipped with a 6-inch display from Sharp, which occupies 92.4% of the area of the front panel. The resolution is 2K. Complement the configuration of 4 GB of RAM and 10-core processor MediaTek Helio X25.

Also there is main camera of 21 MP, battery 4000 mAh, USB Type-C flash drive capacity of 64 GB and an additional lens at 8 MP. About the price and availability of the Elephone S8 Red Limited Edition information. The original is 280 American dollars.