Rate the new logo from Meizu Blue Charm

Recently, Meizu decided to divide the business into three parts. Directly Meizu will release flagship phones. Unit Flyme will continue the development of the original shell. Blue Charm trust model middle and low end, as well as accessories like headphones.

Said led to the renewal of Blue Charm. According to the rumors, the brand plans to change the name to mBlu. In addition, adjustments will be logo. The latter is already lit up in the network, in an official letter from Meizu.

The report said reducing the price of Meizu M6 Note 300 yuan. The text is accompanied by a new logo. However, not the fact that the icon is real. The two previous “leaks” were fake.

The first device Charm Blue (mBlu) can be mBlu ZERO. The device was declassified in the early fall. Sources attribute the gadget frameless screen. Unfortunately, the technical characteristics are hidden. Waiting for the full announcement.