Qualcomm rejects Broadcom offer 103 billion

Recently it became known that Broadcom is going to buy Qualcomm. The first company made a second offer in the amount of 103 billion dollars. However, data money the chip manufacturer Snapdragon little.

According to the source, absorption will not take place. Broadcom gives only $70 per share, which is the low price. Such conditions are unacceptable to investors Qualcomm.

However, Broadcom has a chance to influence the situation. To get what you want in several ways. For example, an increase in borrowing or a shift in the Board of Directors of Qualcomm. The new managers will help to achieve cooperation.

In addition, the Union is Broadcom and Qualcomm interfere with the regulators. Antitrust authorities must approve the merger, but not the fact that it will happen. The history is full of such examples.

Why would an American Corporation wants to buy Qualcomm? Broadcom says it will turn into a leading player in the microprocessor market. Intel and Samsung will be a powerful competitor.