Proven experts: Xiaomi Mi Note 3 shoots better than an iPhone 8 and Google Pixel

Owners of Xiaomi Mi Note 3 are to be congratulated. The phone was examined by experts DxO. The laboratory praised dual camera. The device passed the test DxOMark with a magnificent result.

Test, he brought the gadget 94 points. It turns out that Xiaomi Mi Note has iPhone 3 win 8 (93 points), Google Pixel (90 points) and HTC U11 (90 points). DxO experts pointed fast and accurate autofocus, and impressive scalability.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 guarantees an excellent bokeh effect. Also, happy powerful noise reduction in any light. However, has not been without drawbacks. When it gets dark, not fixed minor details. Complete the parasitic shades.

As for rollers, the situation is more complicated. Video Xiaomi Mi Note 3 awarded 82 points. In this respect inferior to the phablet iPhone 8, Google Pixel and HTC U11. The arithmetic mean of the product is 90 (to the envy of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus).