Presented gorgeous gift version Vivo X20

Frameless Vivo X20 is so good that will be a great gift for the woman. For this, the company has unveiled a special edition Swarovski Gift Box. Along with the phone included is a necklace decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The accessory is provided with a certificate of authenticity. Also the package has a brand name Swarovski. Sale Vivo X20 Swarovski Gift Box will start on 25 December. Christmas.

As for characteristics, they remain the same. Vivo X20 is equipped with a 6.01 inch screen with Full HD resolution+. Complement the configuration of the Snapdragon chip 660, the battery capacity of 3250 mAh battery and dual rear camera (12 MP + 5 MP). Selfie is the front lens on a 12 MP.

Price Vivo X20 Swarovski Gift Box depends on the amount of memory. With 4 GB of RAM and flash module 64 GB costs 2 998 yuan (about $456). Assembly with the drive capacity of 128 GB will cost 3 398 yuan ($517).