Overview smart toothbrush Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 Sonic Electric Smart

We all know that Xiaomi sells different devices for the home to make our lives easier. And speech will go today about a very unusual product – a smart toothbrush Xiaomi Soocas X3, which has many functions and a special mode for those who have sensitive gums. Now let’s go directly to the product itself and learn its major functions and features.


This rechargeable toothbrush. It has 4 cleaning modes, battery 1000 mAh, which will provide up to 25 days. Also, the brush is protected from water standard IPX7, and like any good product from Xiaomi, there is the possibility of using the app to connect to your smartphone.

Simply download the app Soocas, which is for iOS and Android devices (search in AppStore and Google Play). With the help of it you can adjust the intensity of work, to choose mode or time brushing your teeth. In addition, you will be able to test the effectiveness of each procedure. Also the app will tell you when the time comes to replace the nozzle – and this is most important.

With this device you can easily take care of your dental health. Brush effectively removes various bacteria and reduce the inflammation of the gums. Xiaomi SOOCARE X3 itself is very practical and convenient to use. And it’s a great gift for parents and friends.

Basic functions

  • Health care of mouth cavity.
  • Effective removal of bacteria.
  • Reducing gingival inflammation.
  • This brush will give you new sensations from brushing teeth.
  • Set includes a smart wireless charging.
  • The presence of a battery of 1000 mAh. Charging brush 16 hours and holds a charge for approximately 25 days.
  • Comfortable setting modes using the app on the phone.
  • Protection from water standard IPX7.
  • The brush body is made of beautiful quality material.
  • Voltage 110-240V.


Now this brush is sold in Chinese stores, like GearBest and Banggood. There are two colors: black and white, which look more practical. Also, about 7-8 dollars you can buy a pair (2 pieces) replacement tips. The following are links to shopping sites where you can buy a toothbrush SOOCARE Xiaomi X3.

Order at Gearbest

Order on Banggood