Overview of smartphone Vernee M5

Vernee produces only a few smartphones a year, but they are all quite interesting, especially if you are looking for budget camera. To the editor Galagram the review came new from the company model Vernee M5. I’ve been testing the smartphone for a couple of weeks and ready to tell you honestly what I think about this device. Go!

The contents

  • Specifications
  • The package
  • Design, Assembly and materials
  • Display and controls
  • CPU, memory, and performance
  • Operating system
  • Interfaces and connectivity
  • Camera and sample images
  • Battery and autonomy
  • Usability and feedback
  • Specifications

    • Processor: MediaTek MT6750
    • Display: 5.2 inch HD
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Flash memorysize: 32 GB
    • Camera: 13 MP
    • Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat, VOS

    The package

    The device is sold in a white cardboard box with gray lettering Vernee on the front face. Inside, everything is neatly Packed, you’ll find: the phone itself, a charging unit for 1.5 A white and micro USB cable. Among other configuration user’s manual and warranty card, which is totally useless in our area. The package is like any other budget phone.

    Design, Assembly and materials

    The phone is made mostly of metal. Its body has a metal cover at the back edge, and plastic inserts on top and bottom faces. This decision met in the old Redmi Note 3. The phone looks good, especially in black case color. Still on sale is the blue version, but to us for review came in black.

    Vernee M5 has a compact body with a nice matte finish. In his hands to hold comfortably, and the rounded edges face only add convenience in everyday use. Any special chips at the design I noticed. Here the standard lock key and volume buttons, and pull-out SIM tray on the right side under the Nano SIM card and microSD card. You can install either two Sims or one of the operator’s card and the memory card.

    The bottom is lattice under the speaker, the microphone and micro USB port for PC connection and battery charging. On top there is audio output 3.5 mm earphone Jack. That’s all, the body does not understand, the battery is not intended to replace. Dimensions Vernee M5 the following: 147.3×72.6×6.9 mm, the smartphone weighs 145 grams.

    Display and controls

    A screen up to 5.2 inches with HD resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Type of display IPS display has an average brightness and weak viewing angles. When you rotate the screen, the picture and colors are distorted, especially noticeable in the horizontal plane.

    But the sympathy is all very well: the screen quickly and accurately reacts to pressing, as well as confidently work even with the lightest touch. This is not surprising, because the test AnTuTu showed the support of 10 taps on multi-touch. This has turned into a controversial screen — accurate, but not too bright and with a weak viewing angles.

    Still, it is worth noting that out of the box this display is pasted protective film. So the first time you can do it. But if you’re going to buy a new one in this smartphone, please note that the screen has a 2.5 D fillet. So that the film/glass you need to choose not only the appropriate diagonal of 5.2-inch, but rounded corners.

    CPU, memory, and performance

    Vernee M5 is built on the basis of the mobile chip MediaTek MT6750. The processor offers 8 computing 64-bit Cortex A53, operating frequency 1.5 GHz. The graphics system ARM Mali-T860 is responsible for displaying what is happening on the screen of the smartphone. The memory is offered a 32 GB flash + 256 GB microSD and 4 GB of RAM.

    On the website of the manufacturer on 64 GB of flash memory, in reality it is only 32 GB. But that’s not the point, the important thing is that the 4 GB of RAM actually are not. And it’s very good, because this much memory there is none of the public sector up to 120 Basque. If the processor is slightly more powerful, but that’s another story.

    And a few words about the power of this smartphone. As for state, the apparatus works tolerably well. But as for a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM, the processor MT6750 greatly underestimates the abilities of the device. You will be able to work with Google Chrome browser, Gmail, to run simple games and social apps. As for the major synthetic tests, here are the results Vernee M5 showed them:

    • AnTuTu: 40400 points
    • 4 Geekbench (Single): 600 points
    • 4 Geekbench (Multi): 2500 points

    Operating system

    Vernee M5 got Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The system comes with the add-in from the manufacturer, it is called VOS (Vernee OS). The main Google services have the same labels as in stock Android, and indeed, the system almost does not differ from the native ones. Here are the same menus, notifications, and chips, like the multiwindow mode, saving extra battery and other things.

    During use, and it is about 2 weeks on M5 arrived a couple OTA system updates. But, the Android version remained at the level of 7.0 Nougat. Those who important regular updates of the system — you need to watch not exactly in the direction of the Vernee. Although, the firmware installed perfectly adequate, with the Russian language and good stability. Something changes in her and don’t want to.

    Interfaces and connectivity

    Among wireless interfaces have Vernee M5 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both interfaces are working properly as the phone calls, SMS and 3G Internet. Alas, LTE (and 4G support it has), in Ukraine I could not be verified, due to the lack of this standard in our country.

    Navigation GPS also works without problems on this phone. Any special chips like NFC is HotKnot or, it does not. But there is a fingerprint scanner at the back edge. The scanner here is good, it’s fast and accurate, but on personal feelings is not worse than the smartphones of the more expensive price segment.

    Camera and sample images

    The hero of this review has 2 onboard cameras: primary 13 MP and front 8 MP. Rather, both modules software interpolation image, as the picture quality is, to put it mildly, not happy. The photos are “muddy”, focusing takes a lot of time. But because of the weak aperture, in low light the picture quality deteriorates considerably. Let’s just say: good photos on Vernee M5 can only be done under ideal lighting. With the front camera are the same.

    The basic module is on LED flash (front camera no flash), and also recorded HD video 720p 30 fps. In the camera settings you can configure the EIS (electronic image stabilization) and adjust the ISO manually. In General, the camera is the thing that saved the manufacturer in this model. So if the picture quality is critical for you in the phone, then I don’t recommend Vernee M5 to buy.

    Photo taken Vernee M5

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    Battery and autonomy

    The battery capacity of this smartphone is 3300 mAh. Quite a normal battery, like the 5.2-inch budget machine. Personally, I charge enough for full day use from morning till evening. Stock charging unit outputs a voltage and current of 5V/1.5 A. Full charging time of a smartphone is about 1.5 hours, not very fast as for a battery capacity of 3300 mAh.

    Usability and feedback

    Did not like

    Metal housing
    Poor quality cameras

    4 GB of RAM
    The viewing angles of the screen

    Nice design
    Budget processor

    Normal battery

    Order Cafago

    Summing itoriginalDisplayPerformanceAutonomyCameraPricePersonal впечатленияVernee M5 will approach those for whom the smartphone is not important, but it is important for the minimum days to get the most powerful hardware. For only $120, this smartphone offers 4 GB of RAM, a good processor from MediaTek with a 5.2-inch display in a compact body. If the camera for you is essential, then M5 is not your choice.3.8Assessment Galagram