New proof that Xiaomi Mi7 will get Snapdragon 845

In Hawaii, as you know, now is Snapdragon Technology Summit. The event was organized by Qualcomm. Rumor has it that the manufacturer is preparing to announce a Snapdragon processor 845.

And here Xiaomi? According to the assumptions, Snapdragon 845 should be the “heart” of the flagship Xiaomi Mi7. Probably, and it will happen. It is reported that the summit came lei Jun, founder of the Chinese giant.

Lei Jun was spotted at the local airport. Apparently, the CEO of Xiaomi will performance. Expected announcement, Xiaomi Mi7 will get the fastest Qualcomm chip. Latest technology 10 nm LPE from Samsung.

If you believe the leaks, Snapdragon 845 is equipped with 8 cores — four Cortex-A75 Kyro and four Cortex-A53. Complementing the platform with powerful graphics Adreno 630. In addition, the system comes with a X20 modem, transmitting data at speeds up to 1.2 Gbps.