Motorola took a “continuation” of Samsung commercials about Apple

Motorola with humor involved in advertising a confrontation between the manufacturers of smartphones. In response to a recent video Samsung about the shortcomings of the iPhone, the brand went on. In a new promotional video Motorola continues the story and calls the real update with Z2 and Moto Play Moto Mods that really expand the capabilities of a smartphone. Creative approach and quick response to traditional mutual banter of competitors allowed Motorola to accentuate the uniqueness of their modular solutions and to reiterate the serious intentions in the market.

The movie begins with the moment when a new fan of Samsung away from Apple Store to boast the purchase of its second half, which had previously shown the advantages of the Korean flagship. Imagine his disappointment when he sees that the girl decided once again to beat the guy. She gets out of the box new Motorola Moto Z2 Play and in seconds attaches to it module projector Insta-Share Moto Projector Mod. The young man again out of business by watching the video in excellent quality, projected on a wall in a living room size of 70-inch screen.

Following its main principle — the unlimited possibilities of the smartphones, Motorola emphasizes: no need to put yourself in the frame of the display, when any flat surface can become a large screen for your smartphone.