MGCOOL Band 5 — smart bracelet that exceed expectations

MGCOOL developers are not sitting idle. It is reported that the company introduced a new smart bracelet. The device is called MGCOOL Band 5 and is the successor to MGCOOL Band 4. By equipping a gadget superior to the predecessor.

Forget about black-and-white display with limited functionality. MGCOOL Band 5 received a color 0.96-inch panel with the ability to change Wallpapers. The matrix refers to the type of OLED. It brings the device to the smart watches from big brands like Apple and Samsung.

MGCOOL Band 5 enclosed in a housing with a metallic finish. The latter gives a thing excellent appearance. The product also monitors sleep quality, heart rate, counts steps and calories burned. Above is only a small part of the available “talent”.

Alas, other characteristics are hidden. More details about MGCOOL Band 5 will appear at the end of January. As for the price, it is unlikely that the amount is very different from MGCOOL Band 4 ($60).