Meizu will release earphones cost with the iPhone X

Tired of the usual gadgets? Buy something luxurious. From Meizu will soon be a thing. On the website lit up Swarovski luxury headphones from a Chinese manufacturer. Now the page was removed, but enthusiasts managed to take a screenshot.

The headset will be released under the renewed brand Blue Charm. The item is decorated with Swarovski crystals, so the price is impressive — 6888 yuan (about 1,000 us dollars). For the same amount you can buy the Apple iPhone X.

Technical characteristics of the hide. Out of interest, the image shows the new logo Blue Charm. Rumor has it that Meizu wants to rename the unit in the mBlu. Probably the above will happen next week.

Recently, Meizu has decided to divide the company into three parts. Itself Meizu will take the flagship phones (like the anniversary Meizu 15 Plus). Blue Charm trust model for the average and budget classes, and accessories. Flyme will continue to develop the software shell Flyme OS.