Meiigoo Note 8 recognizes faces as iPhone X

iPhone X impressed the audience with facial recognition. Competitors decided to seize the opportunity and presented their alternatives. One such company was Meiigoo. It is reported that the manufacturer has built in the analog Face ID in the phone Meiigoo Note 8.

The said apparatus is still being developed. There is information that Meiigoo uses a camera with support for 3D scanning. You can also evaluate the appearance of the device. The network posted a video showing the design Meiigoo Note 8.

Meiigoo Note 8, judging by the video, reminds Meiigoo S8. The device has a screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The display is covered with a curved 3D glass. In addition, the presence of fingerprint sensor and the rear lens 2.

Unfortunately, the other specifications remain a mystery. The announcement Meiigoo Note 8 will be held on 4 December this year. If you do not want to wait, please note Meiigoo S8. Gadget pleasing frameless design, 8 core processor and is priced at 200 U.S. dollars.