MacBook Pro 2018 – release date, specifications and prices

In 2017, Apple slightly updated line of professional MacBook Pro. The company issued the spring updated “Proshka” 2017 based on the new Intel Kaby Lake, is Skylake and installed Touch Bar in a typical configuration laptops. Users received minimum changes in comparison with the year 2016, and tazbar not particularly found applications among professionals.

This means that drastic changes in the line of computers Apple MacBook Pro is worth waiting for no earlier than 2018. In this article we have collected all the leaks and rumors about what will MacBook Pro in 2018.

Release date Macbook Pro 2018

Many Apple fans are waiting for new MacBook Pro in the spring and summer 2018. However, the company may postpone the launch of such major innovations until Oct. According to tradition, the most interesting hardware news, Apple announces in the autumn, and in early summer takes place the presentation of WWDC for developers. It is likely that at WWDC 2018 will introduce a new operating system Mac OS which will run the new MacBook Pro. But the computer itself will release in October 2018.

How it will look

As for the design, we certainly expect some major changes and improvements, but most likely Apple will leave a penny to MacBook Pro the same. It will look like the 2016/2017 model years, the only thing that a manufacturer might release a couple of new body colors. Would you like to see blue or red MacBook Pro in 2018? Most likely the company will leave Golden color for a thin MacBook, while professional models will have at least two colors: silver and gray (Space Gray).


Current MacBook Pro models have impressive screens: 2880×1800 pixels, the model 15.4-inch and 2560×1600 at 13.3-duilovo MacBook Pro. Resolution is certainly not 4K, but very decent. MacBook Pro 2016 can display DCI P3 color used for films and digital cinema. The screen of the MacBook Pro can output 91 percent of colors in Adobe RGB

Competitors do not doze and offer better and better screens on Windows laptops. For example a well-known computer Dell Precision 5510 and Wacom MobileStudio Pro has long been able to output 91 percent of colors in Adobe RGB. In the next version of the MacBook Pro, we will see even clearer the screen, which may be called Super Retina, similar to the Apple iPhone X.

Another welcome addition to the screen will be touch. While this is a very controversial issue, does Apple in its MacBook Pro touch screen or not. Because then it defeats the purpose of devices such as iPad/iPad Pro. Former Apple CEO Steve jobs said that he felt that touch screens on laptops is a bad idea. Because the hand will always be on weight and so will become numb to hurt and cause discomfort.

Well, let’s see, does Tim cook, or the new CEO will take the risk and give the command to install touch screens in MacBook Pro. Personally, we think that that’s not gonna happen, at least in 2018. After all, users only appeared tutbury and their capabilities not yet fully revealed.

Another feature that can make the Apple is to release a special cable that would connect MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. The last would have just acted as a touch input area. Then would not have to insert the Mac touch screen, and revenues could increase by offering an iPad in addition to MacBook Pro. At least, designers would have definitely fell for this trick.


What will be improved in the MacBook Pro in terms of specifications compared to the 2016 and 2017? Here are the expected changes in hardware innovations.


That has always lacked the user with a MacBook Pro? Of course RAM: applications become more demanding and RAM is fading away. MacBook Pro 2018 we expect the older configuration with 32 GB of RAM on Board. We hope that Apple will abandon the 128GB version of the MacBook Pro and next year the base model will start with 256 GB of SSD memory. Even today, 128 GB just looks funny if you don’t work exclusively in the browser. Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Xcode is the program that memory is not enough.


Another thing you need to know – Apple might move from Intel to AMD in the next year. One of the most suitable options at today is the CPU RYZEN 7, which offers more computing power and less energy consumption than the current generation of Intel processors, including the i7-6900K, i7-6800K and even i7-7700K.

. Slip a rumor that in 2018, Apple will unveil a processor of its own design, codenamed T310 for laptops. Why this might happen? The manufacturer need to become as independent as possible from third-party manufacturers of electronic components. And if the memory is easy to replace, the CPU is not so easy. If Apple invests conditionally “today” in the development of their processors, it is already “tomorrow”, the company will be able to get rid of dependence on Intel and earn more from each sold Mac-based chip of its own design.


MacBook Pro 2016 offers 10 hours of battery life as previous models. There was some question about the accuracy of that statement earlier in the year 2017, when Consumer Reports tested the battery life and found that in fact this figure is less. Let’s be honest, all manufacturers overstate the battery life of their gadgets. Most likely, the model 2018 will run 5-6 hours on a single charge under a good load.


When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro, many of the necessary ports disappeared and was replaced by USB Type-C (aka Thunderbolt 3). The funny thing is that even 3.5 mm headphone port is left, despite the fact that he disappeared in iPhone and iPad. Whether there will be audio output in the next version of MacBook Pro? Probably Yes, because today still a lot of microphones and headphones connected through this let and comfortable, but aging socket. In the future, Apple will definitely replace it with another Thunderbolt 3. So the 3.5 mm audio output remained in MacBook Pro another year or two, not more.


As for prices, they will be within the cost of the MacBook Pro 2017. Junior 13.3-inch configuration the manufacturer asks for $1399, $1499, but the price of custom models with 16/32 GB of RAM we had in the fall of 2018 at the presentation of new products.