iOS 11 again distorts the meaning of the message

iOS 11 can be called one of the most problematic “Apple” OS. Apple released the platform, suffering from many errors. Far beyond the examples do not have to walk. Recently found a bug in auto-correction. System for no reason corrected i on symbol A[?].

The update removed the glitch, however, it is not. Some users complain of is and it. iOS 11 replaces the word in the I. S and I. T , respectively. Messages eventually become meaningless.

The cause of the failure is unknown. What is clear is that the phenomenon is not so massive. Unfortunately, rebooting doesn’t help. Eliminates the scourge just turn off auto-correction. Have to rely on their own literacy – the patch.

In addition, fans of iOS 11 are faced with a rapid discharge of the battery and malfunction of the calculator and alarm clock. Such disadvantages in the new OS fully. Apple eliminates faults, but very slowly.