Instruction: how to set OnePlus 5T

The company OnePlus is famous for its relatively cheap flagship with great specifications. As everyone already knows, the company’s latest flagship — OnePlus 5T. It is a really great smartphone, which can be recommended for purchase. But in order to make maximum use of it, you should know some of the functions and features of Oxygen OS shell.

As soon as you turn the phone, the first thing to do is to set the password, add fingerprint and turn on the scanner face. Because safety is paramount. Then you can go to the shell settings to fit their needs. And now we will tell about some features that will help you to use your device in full.

How to change the icon on the desktop

In 5T OnePlus have added some beautiful Wallpapers for your desktop. To install them, hold your finger on any available space on the screen and then click on “Wallpaper” and choose the ones you like best. Also there was an interesting opportunity to select a photo for your desktop, smartphone made by OnePlus. In the section “Wallpapers” go to “Shot on the OnePlus” and there you can see a huge number of beautiful images for your desktop.

You can also customize the Wallpaper, so they were changed every day. You can install them to your desktop, lock screen or both screens at once. As a bonus, you can share the images to other users can install them on your Desk. If you certainly do know how to photograph.

How to change the ringtone

The next important point — change the ringtone on call. Go to device settings and look for the item “Sound and vibration”, and then “Ringtone”. There you can choose a standard ringtone or you can install any other, which you like most. There is also the possibility to set different ringtones for each SIM card.

How to change the size and shape of the icons

The next step is to change the size and shape of icons. To do this, hold your finger on a blank spot on your desktop and you will see “Settings”. There you can change the shape of icons on square or round, to change a dimensional grid, and the scale of the image. This kind of scaling is very convenient, especially for people with poor eyesight.

How to set navigation buttons

Due to the fact that the OnePlus 5T got a frameless screen, the navigation buttons had to make a portrait. Some users like this solution, and some — not. So this will have to live with. But the smartphone has the ability to customize them. Go to device settings and select Buttons. There is a possibility to change the key places to assign different actions to hold the particular button.

How to change the font size

If you have the standard size font is too small, the device has the ability to change to more comfortable. Go to settings of phone and find the “Screen” section, and then click the “font Size”. There is a possibility to choose 4 sizes: small, default, large, and maximum. Which is right for you?

How to adjust the volume switch

Feature of the smartphone OnePlus has always been a special three-way switch sound. And of course, OnePlus 5T it is, and it can be set at your discretion. The first position — “do Not disturb”, the second “No sound”, and third “call”. In the mode “Without sound”, you can configure the mute all button and enable vibration. In the “do Not disturb” to enable or disable reminders, set the alarm, choose the contacts from whom you can receive messages and calls.

How to configure access notifications

Due to the fact that OnePlus 5T has a large 6-inch screen, not always convenient with one finger to reach for the blinds notifications. So in the settings added the ability to include item “Swipe for fingerprint scanner”. After you enable this feature in settings, you can swipe down fingerprint scanner and the notification bar immediately falls.

Also there is another way to facilitate access to notifications. In the settings OnePlus Launcher you can enable the item “Swipe down”. Then on the desktop, just swipe down and the row with notifications and settings will immediately fall.

Go to notifications in the application

With the Android version 7.1 Nougat Google has implemented the so-called “Shortcuts” (similar to the 3D Touch from Apple). Thanks to them you can quickly move to different locations apps with long pressing the icons. This function after updating OnePlus Launcher appeared on smartphones OnePlus. Also, it labels a point indicating that it is some kind of notification. To enable or disable this feature by going to settings OnePlus Launcher.

How to take a screenshot

To take a screenshot on the OnePlus 5T, you can use the standard way which works on every Android device. Just hold down simultaneously the volume down key and power button. But OnePlus 5T is another unique method. Go into settings device and scroll to the “Gestures”. There you will see the item “Screenshot with three fingers”, activate it. After that, simply swipe three fingers across the screen and you will immediately receive the screen, which will remain in the gallery.

How to adjust the screen

The OnePlus 5T mounted screen with AMOLED Optic matrix. But if you don’t like saturated colours of this matrix, then in device settings, under “Screen” you can find “Calibrate screen”. You have to choose one of several options: by default, sRGB, DCI-P3, custom color and adaptive.

How to enable “Night mode”

Also very useful feature of screen in OnePlus 5T is night mode. Thanks to him, the colors become yellow tint that is best perceived by person in evening hours. You can configure the time when the mode will be switched on and off. To enable this feature, go to “Settings” and then in the “Screen” section and look for the item “Night mode”.

How to enable “reader Mode”

The OnePlus 5T is very convenient for reading. After switching it on, the screen becomes black and white, so when reading the text was tired less your eyes. Go to settings of your smartphone. Find the “Screen” section and there you can enable this mode and configure the application in which it will work.

How to increase the autonomy of the device

And finally, I would like to talk about how to save battery life on the OnePlus 5T. As mentioned above, the smartphone is AMOLED matrix, and so the black color is very deep. One of the ways to slightly increase the device — enable night theme. This can be done in the settings of the smartphone. Section “Screen”, find “Theme”. The following method — go to settings “Location” and select the “battery Saving”.