Incredible: Snapdragon 845 transmits the sound to 2 speakers simultaneously

The announcement from Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has taken place. As it turned out — the chip can do what was impossible before. For example, the platform enables you to stream music via Bluetooth at the same time on 2 columns. Special accessory hub is required.

For the above meets Bluetooth 5.0, built-in Snapdragon 845. Used hardware and software. Claimed to support HD-quality and live sound. The technology consumes 50% less energy than its predecessors.

Standard Bluetooth sends stereo on one speaker. The second receives a signal from the first. Snapdragon 845 synchronized once with 2 devices. The implementation is using the public API.

In addition, the SoC offers the audio codec AQustic. The latter improves the playback, recording and voice recognition. How much of the above is true — we learn in the next year. Snapdragon 845 will become part of the new flagship Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, HTC and Sony.