HTC and Motorola do not slow down phones with old batteries

Recently Apple has officially acknowledged that lowers the CPU speed of the old iPhone. The cause is the battery consumed resource. Worn parts do not cope well with peak loads. This applies to open heavy web pages run demanding games and run at low temperatures.

Artificial slowing down of the CPU allows to avoid a sudden disconnection of the iPhone. Alas, the “brake” lead owners to the wrong conclusions. Users begin to think that it is time to buy a newer, faster model.

In the Android camp, this practice is rare. 2 the largest supplier of HTC and Motorola have confirmed that not slow down your device. The degradation of the power supply limits the performance of the gadgets.

In addition, journalists have turned to Samsung, LG and Google. While the company was not given the answer, but I hope — it will be negative. To Apple fans it is recommended to replace the battery. It is proved that this returns the iPhone to its former youth.