How to set AMAZFIT Watch Pace

Today smart watches AMAZFIT Pace — this is a very hot purchase. They have official English firmware (and custom Russian), good battery life, an interesting display and an affordable price. And with the release AMAZFIT Pace 2 and 2S, the first generation fell in the popular Chinese stores.

In this tutorial we will talk about how to configure the smart watch Watch AMAZFIT Pace. Here’s everything you need to know about you first turn, on how to increase the autonomy of the gadget and on other chips of the device.

What version hours to buy

Today there are two versions of the clock AMAZFIT Pace: English code number A1612 and Chinese A1602. It is better of course to just buy an international version of American A1612 with the English language out of the box. So you can avoid unnecessary manipulation of the firmware hours.

How to enable AMAZFIT Pace

The gadget comes with about 50% battery. So, right out of the box you can turn on the clock. To do this, simply hold down the right side of the device. Usually, the first switch is long enough, you’ll see the company logo on the screen and then the animation, which lasts about 1-2 minutes on the screen. Once activated, you can move on to the next item on our tutorial — connecting to the smartphone.

How to connect your watch to your phone

After AMAZFIT Pace turn on their screen it will light up the QR code to connect the device to your smartphone. Download from Google Play or the AppStore the app AMAZFIT Watch and turn it on. To quickly log in, you can use your Facebook account or profile from Google Plus. Or just register through the mail (but longer). After login, you will be asked to scan the QR code and thereby to tie the watch to the phone.

Another life hack, since this watch was made by Huami, partner of Xiaomi, they can connect to the MiFit app. However, it doesn’t have as many useful features as the native application developers AMAZFIT.

How to set the dials

Out of the box, the watch has several interchangeable dials. They can be changed in two ways. Choose the one you prefer:

  • Through the app: go to app AMAZFIT Pace and find the tab Watch Faces. Select dial and press it. It will immediately appear on the screen of your watch, with the active Bluetooth.
  • Hours: press and hold the home screen, you open the carousel with interchangeable dials. Flipping through screens left and right, you can choose any.

In addition, the watch display Pace you can set your photo with your smartphone. It can be your child’s favorite dog or just an abstract screen saver. For this purpose, in the application tab with dials, choose “Load Image” and load the desired picture. Then calibrate its location in the circumference and choose the dial in which to set this image background. A very handy feature that allows you to make the clock screen more personalized.

How to set time

Watch, after you connect to a smartphone, choose your network (your device). Here to configure anything not necessary. The only useful feature is the style of time display, 12/24-hour format. This can be configured directly on the watch, go to settings > General > Time Format and select the one you need.

How to configure notifications

Right in the app AMAZFIT flick to the bottom and choose the tab “Nonification Swttings”. Here you can choose the application that needs to send notifications to the screen of your watch. Also here you can select deny all, or deny to send notifications when the screen of your smartphone is enabled. It is convenient to notice not duplicated.

It is necessary to indicate that not all programs are able to send notifications to the watch. So if something is not working, do not worry, this software is notifications. Among the most popular applications that work with a clock, Facebook, SMS and calls. Conveniently, right on the screen AMAZFIT Pace, you can read SMS or to work with incoming calls. But again, it requires a constant Bluetooth pair with a smartphone. Recently, still appeared to support the sports app Strava.

How to change working screen AMAZFIT Pace sometimes

If you don’t like the standard layout of the desktop on your watch, you can sort them at your convenience. Go to the app AMAZFIT Watch, and select the tab “Widgets and App Management”. Here you can change the screens in some places by dragging them with your finger, and disable them using the toggle switches.

How to solve the problem of autonomy

You have to understand that AMAZFIT Pace to stay in average of 4-5 days from one full battery charge. Some users complain that the gadget discharges too quickly: 10-20% per night, or 5 to 10% every hour of the work day. This was particularly noticeable on firmware ROM 1.3.5. What should I do? I faced the same problem and partially solved it. Here are some tips:

  • The first 1-2 charge the watch sit really fast. Don’t worry, I don’t know what it is, but you just need to ride out these first few charges.
  • For maximum charge rate, turn off your watch and connect to the power 5V/2A via the stock charging station. The average charging time is 1.5-2 hours.
  • It is not necessary to indulge in “air” mode in the notification curtain. The first two charge even this does not prevent quick discharge.
  • I noticed that a lot of charge consumes a simple “Timer” in version 1.3.5 ROM. So, better use the timer on your phone. A 30-minute timer, charge hours AMAZFIT Pace is losing more interest than 2 hours walk with an active GPS and heart rate monitor.
  • If you wet the watch and they become faster discharge. It’s simple: take a cotton swab (normal ears) and wipe the contacts on the back face of the hours. They just can “short-circuit” and the charge will melt before our eyes. After this procedure, and charging to 100%, autonomy should be OK.
  • And remember, watches are splashproof, not worth it to them to swim and dive. For pool better to take the second generation AMAZFIT Pace 2/2S.

To charge kept as long as possible, do the following:

  • Disable Continuous HR (constant heart rate measurement). To do this, right click on the clock on the screen with pulse touch it and the menu will switch Continuous HR — deactivate it.
  • Supply automatic brightness level, or even disable the illumination. In bright sunlight it is not necessary, since the screen AMAZFIT Pace just glows in direct sunlight.
  • To adjust the brightness, swipe down on home screen and go to notifications. At her touch the red (second from right) icons adjust the brightness and set automatic level (the symbol will display the letter “a”).
  • Disable Bluetooth on your smartphone: so you will not allow the clock to keep Bluetooth pair with your phone and wasting power.
  • Set the minimum vibration level. Go to notifications > settings > General (common) and imagine the vibration will choose the level you want. Here you can still adjust the brightness, but with the blinds easier.
  • Turn on “airplane mode” for the forced savings of the battery. Well this is the last tip, in the extreme case, if you want to “hang on” until the evening.

How to download and listen to music from a watch

And here is the chip, which watches I like the most. You can download your favorite music on the clock and play it on your Bluetooth headphones. It is incredibly comfortable, as Jogging does not need to take the smartphone and other things. Enough AMAZFIT Pace with GPS and Bluetoot headset and exercise in the pleasure of light. To do this, follow these steps.

To transfer music from a Windows computer:

  • Connect watch to computer via the dock and USB cable
  • The device appears as a USB drive under “My computer”. (about 2.25 GB usable)
  • Double-click it to display a list of files and find the folder “Music”
  • Copy the desired tracks into the “Music”folder
  • That’s all, now your music is in a flash memory AMAZFIT Pace

To transfer music using Apple computer for MacOS:

  • Download and install the “Android file Transfer” for Mac at this link
  • Connect your watch to your computer using the supplied docking station and USB cable
  • Open Android File Transfer
  • Double click on the file folder “Music” shown in the section “file Transfer Android”
  • Now copy or just drag and drop music files into the folder “Music”

After these procedures, disconnect Amazfit Pace from the computer. Now scroll through desktops to “Music Player”. Now, from right here you can play music to Bluetooth headphones or even Bluetooth speaker.

To connect the headphones or speaker to the clock, do the following.On the home screen, swipe down and to the left until you see the advanced settings:

  • Select “advanced settings”
  • Select “Bluetooth” to start the search for Bluetooth headphone
  • As soon as the device will appear on the clock screen, click on it
  • Confirm and start the pairing by selecting the checkbox
  • It’s all headphones/column will be connected to the clock

How to switch miles to kilometers

As AMAZFIT Pace is “American” gadget, it displays all distances in miles. He began to show a more familiar kilometers, do the following.

For iOS apps:

  • Click on “advanced settings” on the main screen of the app
  • Press “Unit” to switch from Imperial to Metric
  • Return to the main screen and click “Sync”

For Android app:

  • Click on the user icon in the upper left corner of the main screen
  • Press “Unit” to switch from Imperial to Metric
  • Return to the main screen and click “Sync”

How to switch the degree of Fareinheit to Celsius

In the iOS app

  • Select “application Settings”
  • Select weather Settings
  • Select “Temperature” and select “Fahrenheit” or “Purpose”.

In the Android app

  • Select “Apps” at the bottom of the main screen.
  • Click the wheel next to the Weather.
  • Select Temperature, and select Fahrenheit or Celsius you closer and clearer

What to do if not working Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If you find that your watch has a recurring problem connecting to the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, then run the following test to diagnose the system.

  • Go to “advanced settings” on the clock
  • In the “Settings” section, scroll down and click “About”.
  • In the section “About”, scroll down to the tab “Legal Statement”.
  • Now quickly tap on the words “Legal Statement”, while above it does not appear the tab “Laboratory”. (something similar to what you are doing when you press on the Android version to detect Easter eggs from Google)
  • Click the Lab and select the test signal strength (Signal Strength)
  • Click “start”, the test will begin, wait for a while

The message about passing or failure of the test will appear after the test is completed. Note. Make sure that your device is connected to your Wi-Fi and is located near the router while running the test. If the test is successful, your watch operates as intended and the problem is to look clearly not in hours. If he “failed”, then it is best to take the gadget in STS.

What apps are supported by AMAZFIT Pace

Among the supported applications are: AMAZFIT, MiFit and fitness app Strava. Alas, iHealth, Google Fit and other directly are not supported. But, you can synchronize your data with MiFit with iHealth and Google Fit. However it should be noted that MiFit for AMAZFIT Pace — not the most popular applications that restrict the functionality of smart watches.