How to enable dark theme for your iPhone X and save battery

What distinguishes X from iPhone to other iPhone models? The device is equipped with OLED display that provides vivid colors and excellent contrast. In addition, this screen wastes less power on dark images. It can be used to conserve battery power.

Unfortunately, there is no theme, created specifically for the iPhone X. However, there is an alternative – Smart Invert of iOS 11. The function is responsible for smart invert the colors of the interface. To enable you want to execute a simple instruction.

  • Open the Settings app and scroll down to tab “General”.
  • Click “Universal access”.
  • Select the “Adapt display”.
  • Find and activate a “Smart invert”.

This method only affects the design of iOS 11. Where appropriate, become darker. Photos, movies and other content – do not change. Classic look easy to back if you wish.