How to disable point notifications in Android 8 Oreo

Many are familiar with the points notification through iOS and Android 8 Oreo. These icons are fixed on top of app icons, Recalling unread messages.

Alas, this feature is in Android 8 Oreo imperfect. For example, there are counters and other improvements. You can disable the “token” — not to interfere. There are 3 ways to achieve this.

Easiest way

The easiest way to do the following. Find a notification from desired programs and gesture toward. Click on the “gear” and disable Allow notifications.

Complex method

You want to edit permissions? Need more action. You must enter the Settings and choose app Info tab in the App and notifications. Specify in the list of programs, go to Notifications and turn off Allow notifications.

Dramatic way

Point notifications are annoying as a phenomenon? Then remove them forever from all programs. Go to Settings, and then follow the path: Applications and notificationsSet notificationsEnable notification. Move the switch to the inactive position.