How to choose the right smart watch

Deciding to buy a smart watch, the buyer is faced with a wide variety of models and functions. How to figure out what kind of gadget is worthy to become a wrist ornament and a reliable assistant?

Intelligent assistant on your wrist

Recently the demand for smart watches in the category of wearable electronics rose to record levels. From year to year, these accessories have become increasingly popular. According to the forecasts of the analytical company Forrester predicts that by 2022 they will occupy more than half of the market of wearable gadgets.

Analysts have identified several key reasons for this trend. First, the modern models have acquired more functionality. A particularly interesting function associated with fitness and health. Successful are devices that can monitor the physical condition and the activity is not worse than the popular fitness trackers. While they provide a greater variety of functions for everyday use.

The next important reason for the increasing interest in smart watches — the significant decrease in the average cost of these gadgets. Improved production technologies and components become more affordable. Because of this there are the budget devices that are available for all smartphone users. For example, such as models or brands UWatch Smart Watch.

More and more manufacturers pay attention to this category of devices. Their models offer many well-known brands of mobile technology, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Huawei etc. There are many devices from companies specialized on different gadgets and accessories for smartphones. Also on the market there are models brands that have previously worked successfully only fitness trackers.

What is smart watch

Smart watches are wearable gadgets, which in appearance resemble the traditional wrist timepieces. However, under their compact design hides these mini-computers.

The main purpose of these devices sync with smartphones to receive calls and notifications. The owner of this gadget do not need to constantly remove the handset from your pocket or bag. Quite a familiar gesture to raise the wrist.

The functionality of modern models is not so limited. The list of possibilities includes the control of the player or camera, GPS navigation, tracking of physical activity. Can be provides a set of useful functions, like gallery, alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator.

One of the important directions of development of these gadgets can use whatever smartphone. Typically, these models support Wi-Fi and can be equipped with its own memory card and even the SIM card.

In addition, the smart watch is a spectacular, attractive accessories, which make it easy to emphasize individual style. And finally, on their screen always shows the exact time.

How to use smart hours

Modern smartphone owners can be divided into two categories. First, those who do not use smart “chronometers” because they do not see the sense in them. And the second who don’t know how to do without this handy gadget. Learning that can these gadgets, more and more people join the second group.

The first thing to do after purchasing a wearable gadget to sync it with a smartphone. For this you need to enable and set the clock to the Bluetooth connection. It is necessary to perform several steps, described in the instructions to the model.

Many manufacturers offer their own apps to work with their devices. You should install such a program to achieve full functionality. Often these apps allow you to customize the interface and to use proprietary tools.

Along with the fresh device, the user gets a basic version of the OS and a set of pre-installed applications. To make further use of the gadget more comfortable, you need to configure its interface. Select the watch face, design, widgets or complications (if it supports such option). You may need to download and install additional tools and applications. Configuring the device to your liking, the user will be able to use it more efficiently.

The most obvious scenario of operation of such devices is a backup of the key functions of the smartphone. They allow you to call, receive calls, read and dictate messages, create notes or reminders. A wide range of opportunities provides the voice assistant. It can be used to communicate in social networks, search the Internet and work with a variety of applications.

The actual function, which is supported by a new model — contactless payment. To configure this option, you must enter the data on the map. After this wrist gadget becomes a mobile payment system. Gradually, more and more stores allow you to make NFC payments.

Managing player is another option, which does not want to give up. Music options differently implemented in different devices. For example, when listening to music from online services you may need in advance to sync the playlist.

The functionality of a fitness tracker is something you should not neglect to lovers of a healthy lifestyle. This includes a pedometer, calorie counting, personal trainer, sleep monitoring, and more.

The choice of a smart watch — a clever solution

The selection of “smart” chronometer, and any personal electronics, is to balance the budget and functionality. If more detail consider the process of choosing, we can note a few basic points to consider.

The choice of model largely depends on the brand and operating system of the smartphone. There are universal model, compatible with all major platforms — Android, iOS or Windows. It is important to check which OS version supports the model.

Some smart-watch full interact only with mobile devices of a certain brand. These include the Apple Watch, designed for native ecosystems. And Samsung Gear works with related smartphones and iPhone.

The next important feature is the size and quality of display. Resolution should be sufficient for clear, legible pictures. From the brightness of the backlight depends on how it will be convenient to work with the screen in different lighting conditions. The color display looks more attractive, but requires more resources. Models with monochrome screens typically hold a charge longer.

Some manufacturers equip their models with display, made by technology E-Ink (electronic ink). They provide better autonomy. But, if they are not provided lighting, this screen will not be visible in the dark.

Autonomy — individual item selection. Different models can hold a charge from day 1 until (drum roll) a few weeks. Many modern models feature convenient wireless charging.

The capabilities of such devices partially described above. If the choice is to see the functionality of a particular model. It is reasonable to decide what features are really needed, and for which I would not like to overpay.

Design are also important criteria. Is to study the materials of the case and assess its strength. So, the gadgets with protection against water and dust to standard IP68 is not afraid to use in any conditions. And it is possible to pay attention to the heavy-duty model with a military certification of MIL-STD-810. Of course, for those who need a regular landline accessory, such reliability would be superfluous.

Type of bracelet is also important. The straps can be made of hypoallergenic rubber, silicone, leather, metal, plastic. You need to pay attention to the type of attachment. Some models only fit branded bracelets, you can set the straps from the ordinary hours.

Finally, it must be remembered that it is not just about the gadget, but a stylish accessory. Someone will fit the model in the bright youth corps, someone like a solid classic design. There are elegant ladies ‘ model with a fun kids device. In any case, you should choose attractive model, which will be pleased to wear every day.

In the end

Now we can confidently say that smart-watches — not useless fun accessories. This is a practical device which is much simpler and easier to perform many everyday tasks.

The current popularity of such gadgets because they have become a significant contribution to the comfort of everyday life. Through these wearable devices, you can quickly get the information you need to organize activities. The new model is a continuation, and sometimes a compact replacement for smartphones. They don’t just display the time they save.

Largest selection of these gadgets you can find on the Internet. Online supermarket “Socket” is a huge range of models of different brands, with diverse properties and functions. Here you can find and buy smart watch with GPS tracker, built-in microphone, the fitness features, support for Wi-Fi.