How to check battery percentage on iPhone X

Before with the battery percentage on iPhone no problems. The corresponding figure was included and could be seen in the status bar. Alas, with the advent of the iPhone X, everything changed. At the top of the screen there is no place for such information (because of the unusual cut).

However, this is not the only way to know what you want. There are still three. Here is the most obvious – ask the assistant Siri. The voice assistant will give an exhaustive answer to the question.

Second tip – connect your iPhone to the normal X or the wireless charging. This action will display the desired number. However, it does not sound convenient, especially away from an outlet.

The third method is the most simple. Any will consult. With a gesture, open the “control Center” – here is the relevant indicator. No more movements is not required.

iPhone X made its debut a few weeks ago, on September 12. Phone pleases 5.8-inch display with a thin framework. In addition, the new chip offers Apple A11 Bionic and facial recognition Face ID.