Gorgeous Elephone S9 Pro receive wireless charging

Phones like the Elephone? Then get ready to enter the flagship Elephone Elephone S9 and S9 Pro. About latest there are a lot of interesting information. The device will be equipped with better than usual S9.

One of the main features of Elephone S9 Pro — support wireless charging. The latest developed standard Qi. You can forget about the inconvenience caused by the cable. However, the advantages do not end there.

Zgpax S9 Pro reportedly equipped with NFC. The module allows you to make contactless payments. As for the design, the device resembles the Samsung Galaxy S8 presented in the spring of 2017. As the screen panel is AMOLED with thin side frames. The display has curved edges and an aspect ratio of 18:9.

Other information about Elephone S9 Pro little. Rumor has it that the device has a dual rear camera with Arcsoft algorithms. For bokeh effect not to worry. In addition, the gadget is credited with the USB Type-C. the Housing is made of glass and metal.